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2016 NCHSA Printable Schedule

NCHSA Rd 5 - Brushy Mountain

Brushy Mountain round 5 is on May 15th. Be sure to get mom something great for Mother's Day, Sunday May 8th. We have so many mom's that come out every race day, in the mud and dust to cheer you on. This is a great chance to show mom how much you appreciate her!

See you at Brushy Mtn on May 15th. This track is open to the public each weekend. Check out their website for details. You can go ride may of the same trails that we will be racing in a few weeks. 

Cost around $25 to ride for the entire day. They also have a great MX track and Enduro X track included. If you take a minor, be sure to read their minor release requirements before you go. The park is closed on our race weekend. 

Saturday Signup is open 3-5p. 

Sunday Signup opens at 8am.  


If you are looking for photos from the races, Lisa Babitz takes pics at lots of our events. She has started her own website that is linked below. Check it out.



NCHSA Membership is required to be eligible for the year-end banquet or to ride any big bike C class. 

****We can process credit card transactions at all rounds***

 Saturday signup from 3-5p. Sunday signup opens at 7:30.  

You can join any time throughout the season and we will go back and make your points for any past races active. For example if you ride Vet A as a non-member for 4 rounds, then join the NCHSA at Shane's Farm rd 10, you would be eligible for the banquet and year-end awards if you get points in all the remaining rounds. We will go back and give you the points earned for all races before you joined that season. Thanks for racing NCHSA!!



In an effort to preserve the future of our sport and land access, we do post-pone races if it is extremely muddy or wet, when absolutely necessary.  

If Race Day Weather is questionable, we will commit to race or not race by 2p on the Saturday before. You can check the website or call 704-437-2720 to confirm. We make every effort to notify folks as early as possible, but 2p is the cut-off.



Heather Dancy, Crystal Esch  and Lisa Babitz take some great photos of our races. Click on the photos below to go to either of their Shutterfly accounts. 










Race Videos