Next Rd is scheduled for North Wilkesboro on 9/30

Saturday signup will be open from 5p-6p.

Sunday signup opens at 8a.

Check the schedule page for race details.  


Rocky Mtn ATV $10 Race Rewards

Rocky Mtn changed to all digital rewards this year. They no longer mail the Gift Cards. We are not able to issue any rewards from past rounds until we get your info. We began issuing rewards this year from round 6 thru the end of year. Any race you signup up for you can get a $10 credit from RM ATV. To claim your $10 reward, we must have your email info on file. If you have not provided your email yet this year, please add it to this google doc.

Rocky Mtn Email Info Form - Click Here Form


Click Here to see if we already have your info.

If you see your name on this list, we have your email info.

If you have a child racing, best to use the same email for everyone in your house. That will apply all the cash rewards to the one account that you set up at Rocky Mtn. Also note these rewards expire 6-8 weeks after they are added to your account.

You will need to set up an account with Rocky Mtn. You can click on the Rocky Mtn logo on our home page to access their web page.   

Race Photos


Looking for Photos from the NCHSA races?

Check out

She takes over 500,000 photos each year at NCHSA events. She will also do custom shots if you are looking for something particular. There is a contact link at the botom of her SmugMug webpage.  


Race Info

There are times when we postpone a race due to inclement weather. Every effort is made to run the race on the scheduled date but if there is heavy rain on Friday, Saturday or Sunday of race weekend please check. We will notify all no later than 2p on Saturday. Typically we notify folks by 10a on Saturday.

RACE INFO HOTLINE  704-437-2720