NCHSA Membership

ONLINE Membership is available. Follow the steps below.

We make every effort for racers to keep the same number as last year if they don't change classes. Normally we handle that at the banquet. Due to Covid we aren't doing signups at the banquet. 

If you are not changing classes, please use the same number as last year. If you are changing classes, please look at the 2020 points and find a number that no one else used. Sorry for the extra step but that will help folks keep their numbers. If someone accidently gets "your" number, text me and i'll see what we can do.  

The top 5 numbers in each class are reserved for the top 5 finishers from the prior year. 


Step 1: If you are a new Member - complete the NCHSA online membership below. 

Step 2: If you are already a paid Member - Visit the Online Race Signup page and follow the steps listed.

Step 3: At every event, you must visit the Online Signup window to sign the waiver and let us know you are attending. No paperwork is needed. If you don't check in at the trailer, you will not be entered into the event for scoring.    

** If a race is postponed due to weather, your entry will move to the next race **

** If you online signup for a race and do not race, you must visit the signup trailer for a refund that day **

** Online signup does not roll to the next event except for weather delays **

** OnLine signup has a $1 Credit Card and $1 Online fee included to cover banking and processing fees ** 

If you have any technical issues, please text or call John at 704-437-2720