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The next round is Rnd 11 McCurdy Farms in Hiddenite, NC. 

This is a new location. Plenty of flat parking. 7 miles of big bike trail. 

Online signup is open until 12 noon on Saturday. If you can see Online Signup, it is still available. You can sign up anytime on Sunday at the track. Anyone that has raced in 2022 can use online signup. 


If you are signing up at the track on Sunday:

Sunday Race Day Sign-up times are:

Mini D - 8a-8:45a (Race at 9a)

Pee Wee - 8:30-9:30a (Race at 10a)

Mini ABC - 8:30-10:00a (Race at 10:30a)

Big Bike A/B classes 9:30a-11:30a (Race at Noon)

Big Bike C classes 11a-2:30p (Race at 3:00)



If your email or bike info is wrong, you can now register/ log in to correct.

Step 1: On the top of the web page, Click Register. Follow the prompts to register.

Step 2: From the menu choose Edit Membership.

Step 3: Find you or your rider under the Members list. Click Add to Family, Click Yes add to Family,  You must add yourself or your race. You can add multiple people under one login. 

Step 3: Click Return to Edit Membership. 

Step 4: Select Member to Edit. Now you can update or change any info listed. You must complete all fields marked with an asterisk *. 

Step 5: Click Save. Now your changes have been updayted in the database. 




AMA membership is not required for any NCHSA events. 

$10 gate fee. Race fees are listed on the class info page. 


Use online Signup. This speeds things up a ton for you and for NCHSA. You can do membership and race day signup for any class online. NCHSA Members save $5 every race. Membership cost $25. If you are racing 5 rounds, you should join the series.

Online signup must check-in at every race.

You can run any number you choose on your bike. You are scored from your barcode on your helmet. We will give you a barcode at the signup trailer when you check in. 

Non-members can also use online signup after they are assigned a number at the track. We will assign non-members a number at the track during the signup process. Then you can use online signup for any race after that.  

If you are running two classes on the same day, you can only run one points class each day and you must run that points class first. For example, you could race Mini D and 9a and Trail Rider at 10:30. An adult could race 250A at noon and then run unlimited at 3P.


We are deeply sadened by the tragic loss of our long time NCHSA President Alan Champion on Monday 5/17/2021.

Alan was a loving wonderful Father, GrandFather and Friend to many. He had a kind heart and was always willing to help. Alan loved our sport and committed a huge piece of his life to the NCHSA.


We will have 14 rounds in 2022 with three drops. We will count your best 11 rounds. All riders with 9 races will qualify for year-end awards. 

Primitive camping is allowed for any races with no additonal fee. 

Gate Fee is $10 for anyone 6yrs and up.


Big Bikes: You can ride any A or B class with or without NCHSA membership. All Big Bike C classes require membership.You must be a NCHSA member for year-end awards. You can join at any time through round 13. 

Youth Bikes: You can ride any Youth class with or without membership. No membership required for any youth class. You must be a NCHSA member for year-end awards. You can join at any time through round 13. 



We have NCHSA T-Shirts, Stickers and License tags available at the Signup trailer. You can purchase with your race entry or you can use the NCHSA Members lane to purchase swag.  


RACE HOTLINE - Weather Questions

We make every effort to race on the scheduled dates. However there are times when we are forced to reschedule a race due to rain leading up to the race day or forecast rain on race day. This is being a responsible partner for our land owners and tracks. A heavy mud race can destroy a property and cause permanent loss of a track.

We will post and race date changes no later than 12p on Satruday before each race. You can call the race Hotline if weather is questionable. For the SC races we typically make that call by Friday at 10pm.

Race Info Hotline 704-437-2720