NCHSA Rule Handbook

Brief History of the North Carolina Hare Scrambles Association NCHSA

NCHSA is a non-profit series originally founded in 1983 by a group of MX tracks that wanted to add a Hare Scrambles series.

The original founders of the series were: 

Ken and Judy Cameron from Devil's Ridge MX

Richard Clippard from N Wilkeboro MX/Daniel's Ridge

Sammy and Nancy Leonard 

Worth and Pat Carswell ran the series from 1985-1990 running bikes and ATV's all on Sunday.

Forest Hartley ran the series briefly in 1991-1992.

The NCHSA Board of Directors took over the series aroun 1992 and created the non-profit 501 status. That original board consisted of Alan Champion, Bruce Triplett, Cammy and Michelle Kirk, Willie and Sherry Bradshaw, Bruce and Julie Mcrary, Eddie Jordan, John and Corie Jordan, Steve McSwain, Todd and Yolanda Lail that I can recall. 

We added Alan an Patricia Bennett to the Board 

In 1994 we averaged around 150 bikes and ATV's combined. We alternated and ran bikes early the first half of the year and bikes first the second half of the year. 

We phased out ATV's around 1995 due to low turnout of 40-60 ATV's and to focus on bikes.

Couple big steps forward in the late 90's when we split big bikes into two seperate races.

Then a giant step forward when Jerry Mattox donated a web page platform around 2005 to house results, points and all info for the series plus he created and managed online signup. Jerry has donated his time and services for a web based platform from 2005 to current. You are most likely seeing this information on Jerry's host platform.  

Alan Champion was instrumental in running the series from 1991 until his unexpected passing in May of 2021. Alan dedicated a tremendous portion of his life to ensure the NCHSA was successful for many many years. His leadership and guidance gave us a consitent platform to become successful.  Alan Champion "Big Al" helped lead and develop the NCHSA for 30 years from 1991 until his passing in 2021. He was fiercly dedicated to our sport and the NCHSA. He became involved with the NCHSA way back in the early 90's when he transported all of our race day equipment in his Toyota 4 Runner. Back then we used one tent and scoring barrels! Alan brought us into the electronic scoring age with hundreds of man hours perfecting the scoring process we still use today. Alan took over as President of the NCHSA around 1998 until his unexpected death in 2021. 

Patty and Alan "Mater" Bennett have been involed in the NCHSA Board for many years. Patty ran the weekend signup duties for several years from the mid 2000's until her unexpected passsing in 2020.  

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