2021 NCHSA Schedule (printable pdf)

There will be 14 rounds for the 2021 season. We will count your best 11 rounds with 3 drops for year-end awards. 


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Track Info

Denver - 6254 Wingate Hill Rd, Denver, NC

Flat Rock - 856 Russell Gap Rd, Taylorsville, NC

Lost Valley - 8092 Hoyle Farm Rd, Connelly Springs, NC

Brushy Mtn - 2491 Lambert Fork Rd, Taylorsville, NC

Brown Jug - 1789 Neal Shoals Rd, Union, SC

Hawk's Creek - 1838 Boyd Rd, Blackstock, SC

Shane's Farm - 1010 Mudbridge Rd, Buffalo, SC

The Buffalo - 2640 Cleveland Ave, Grover, NC

The Barnyard Brawl - 441 Jack Booe Rd, Mocksville, NC